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Bitcoin mixer

  1. + 0.0003 BTC per each address


What is Bitcoin Mixing?

Bitcoin mixing is the process of combining inputs to create a single output. Bitcoin mixing is commonly done in order to obfuscate the sources of funds and to prevent the tracing of transactions.

Bitcoin mixing allows users to anonymously transact and send bitcoins to anyone in the network, regardless of their public wallet address. This is done by mixing the coins between multiple outputs so that a transaction appears to have come from multiple addresses. The mixing service does not change the amount sent.

Blender Bitcoin Ensure Anonymity Protection At Best Level

In the Bitcoin currency market, optimum security is a must. Hackers are running behind personal data. They can track your identity and all your previous transaction histories if you are dealing with poorly configured backups. Hackers may attempt extortion, theft, or any other crime using your information. So anonymity of your personal data and privacy is most important. has been serving their respective clients for years and years with great protection. Our system is developed by top-level developers and maintained accordingly. It is our pride that no single threat issue our client faced in years of relationship with us. Our dedicated servers are monitored and checked manually every day.

We can Mix 95% of cryptocurrencies from the current market including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.


How much time is required to complete the mixing process?

Our clients can make operations separately and independently to each other from our vast bitcoin reserves. you can easily set a delay time for each and every operation to mix your coin and send them accordingly.

How many confirmations is needed to consider coins arrived?

At this moment, Three confirmations are required for any valid bitcoins account.

Unfortunately the browser's window is closed , what should I do now?

Closing the browser's window without finishing the task is a common mistake. So we designed our system to keep it in mind. After receiving the deposit address you don't need to open your window. This is an automatic mixing process

What is the deposit address validation time?

The deposit address validation time is 24 hours. After that all the data, payments, Address will be deleted.

Do you store any information and log?

According to our policy, will not keep or store any processed transactions information. We will delete the data when the coins are dispatched to the target addresses.

What is the limit of the maximum deal amount?

Actually, it depends on a few factors like the record of your previous transactions and our current coin balance on reserve. We will not send back your previous coins to you if you use your mixing code. We will notify you about how many coins are available for mixing.

What is the minimum deal amount?

Our minimum mixing amount is 0.001 BTC. In case you sent a lower amount then please contact our support team via E-mail as soon as possible. Attach a guarantee letter along with email.

How can I trust you for big deals?

Our mixing system was developed considering handling a large amount of coin mixing. Just follow our instructions, We can ensure you will never get your previous coin with guaranteed anonymity.

Do I get any mixing code?

You will get a mixing code whenever you start the mixing. This code will help you avoid getting previous mixing coins again and again.

Do I need to pay any service fees?

If your wallet information has leaked then all of your mixing schemes, target addresses will be disclosed. Your blockchain transaction will be in threat. So we recommend you use the most secured option with a small service fee.

Does support SegWit addresses?

Yes. SegWit addresses will be recognized by the digit "3" while sending and receiving Bitcoins.

Does support bech32 addresses?

Our service is bech32 addresses of witness v.1 supported (Started with "bc1") as target addresses. Keep in mind, Some blockchain explorers do not support bech32 addresses. You will face some transaction tracking issues with them.